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Video - Seeing Eyes

Seeing Eyes - the video from John's latest album - HORIZON

New Album - HORIZON - launched April 2018 

Eight new songs from John G. Williams in his second album - HORIZON.  Featuring John on soprano saxophone.

Please note: downloads to a mac or PC, but NOT to iPad or iPhone


" It was great being in studio experiencing the fresh sounds of the upcoming album by John G Williams - being there when a certain magic was being captured.  It is music for now and for tomorrow - quality never has an expiry date.  Here's to 'Horizon' - a beautiful new sound to be experienced"

Victor Masondo

"John's album almost defies category, but you are captivated from the get-go. You know you are listening to something special, and hear something new on every listen. Something like the first time you hear a new Sting record "

Neill Ettridge 

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